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Patient-Centered Approach

At F.O.R.M., we prioritize a patient-centered approach in all our treatments. Understanding that each patient has unique needs, we tailor our chiropractic solutions to address your specific concerns. Our commitment is to alleviate your chief complaint in the fewest visits necessary, steering clear of prolonged treatment plans without tangible results. We're dedicated to meeting your expectations and enhancing your quality of life through personalized care.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

The philosophy at F.O.R.M. is centered on providing quality care that yields significant results, rather than focusing on the quantity of visits. We believe in the power of targeted, effective treatment plans that address the root cause of your discomfort, ensuring a faster and more sustainable recovery. Our approach is transparent and honest, ensuring you receive only the necessary treatments to get back to your best self, whether it's returning to a sport, work, or enjoying everyday activities without pain.

About Dr. Michael Ray

Chiropractor Andover KS

As a former collegiate football player, Dr. Ray knows the importance of recovering quickly from injuries. His goal when he opened F.O.R.M., Joint & Muscle Specialists was to be the first choice when addressing people in need of chiropractic care. Dr. Ray keeps things simple and convenient and offers solutions to meet each patients needs and wants. His passion is being able to help improve quality of life for those who suffer from an acute injury, chronic pain, or simply wanting to live a healthier life style.

Having worked with professional athletes to weekend warriors and everyone in between, he truly understands the impact of painful injuries and the importance of recovering in a timely manner. He also understands the need for corrective and preventative therapy for those who work in jobs that put strenuous tension on the body. Dr. Ray utilizes myofascial techniques, gentle chiropractic manipulations along with his knowledge of exercise and rehabilitative procedures to create a unique treatment for each individual patient

Dr. Ray grew up in Pratt, Kansas. He played football for four years at Sterling College where he graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. He then attended Cleveland Chiropractic College to purse his passion for becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, so he could help others perform better and simply feel better.

Our Team


Massage Therapist

Jenna has always found great joy in helping others. Jenna attended Professional Fitness Institute in Olathe, KS, where she obtained her massage therapy license. Aside from helping others, she is a mother of three active boys. She loves being a part of the Andover community and cannot wait to make a positive impact on each person she comes in contact with. Her drive for massage therapy stems from a history of her own back pain. She has dedicated her time in this profession to truly make an impact on others.

Jenna believes in the power of massage through the benefits of physical and mental well-being. The goal with each appointment is to bring relaxation, pain relief from tight muscles, help improve circulation and flexibility, along with exercises to prevent injuries.

She is excited to work alongside Dr. Ray to meet the needs of their patients.